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By combining advanced, AI-based predictive technology and software with a team of highly skilled professionals, NESA Solutions makes healthcare more efficient, accessible, and patient-centric.


Elevating Healthcare: Leading the Virtual Revolution

Neil Salem picture
Neil Salem

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Susan Guttmann picture

Vice President of Healthcare Operations

Albert picture
Albert, BBA

Chief Financial Officer

Freddy picture
Freddy, BS

Senior System Developer

Alfred picture
Alfred, BS

SecOps and Lead Customer Support

Daniela picture
Daniela, PhD

Senior Data Analyst

Suzanne picture
Suzanne, MSN, RN-BC

Clinical Director

Elias picture
Elias, BS

Tech Lead

Guilherme picture
Guilherme, MSc

Computer Vision Lead

Sergey picture
Sergey, BS

Senior Dev Analyst

Milena picture
Milena, MSc

Computer Vision Analyst

Rodrigo picture
Rod, BS

Senior Dev Analyst

Breno picture
Breno, BS

System Analyst

Lucas picture
Lucas, BS

System Analyst

Lucas picture
Raphael, BS

System Analyst

Philippe picture
Philippe, MBA, MS B-F, MS-CS

International Growth Strategist

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