Redefining Healthcare Through Virtual Solutions

As healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged to deliver better and more personalized care, to more patients, more efficiently, all with increasingly limited resources, leveraging proven virtual care solutions becomes a critical way to bridge the divide.

OptiKal™ – NESA’s revolutionary virtual care solution, which is embedded into Epic to enable its Epic Monitor (ECAL/CAL) – integrates audio, two-way video, dynamic workflows, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and advanced analytics & reporting capabilities into a single, unified platform to enable healthcare organizations to extend their reach with exponentially greater speed, precision, effectiveness and efficiency in delivering comprehensive patient care.


Nurturing Health Virtually

Connect nurses remotely to increase accessibility, improve patient engagement, reduce cost, and enhance outcomes.


Expert Insights, Anywhere You Are

Empower patients to connect with healthcare providers from anywhere, promoting timely care, early interventions and improved outcomes.


Every Hour, Every Need

Enable clinicians to assess patient needs remotely, enhancing efficiency, and increasing patient safety and satisfaction.


Continuous Care, Uninterrupted

Deliver continuous, AI-powered monitoring to predict and prevent adverse events, optimize staffing and improve the patient experience.

Double Medication Verification

Double the Confidence, Zero the Risk

Drive greater regulatory and legal compliance while saving valuable time searching for a second nurse to verify high risk medication.

Admission, Discharge and Transfer

Revolutionizing Patient Flow in a Virtual World

Drive efficiencies in three of the most important nurse processes, while reducing patient wait times and providing faster access to care.

Pain Assessment & Reassessment

Achieving Optimal Relief and Comfort

Enhance pain relief with prompt adjustments to pain management strategies to boost patient satisfaction and compliance.

Bed Turnover

Hospital Bed Preparedness

Streamline bed turnover processes to significantly reduce patient wait times and increase overall operational efficiency.

Behavior Management

Faster Response, Safer Care

Remotely monitor patient behavior to ensure real-time patient and staff safety.

OptiKal Features


Computer Vision

Recognize objects with image classification approaches to provide solutions for a variety of real-world problems.


Machine Learning

Capture, synthesize, and automatically “learn” from huge amounts of real-world data to make increasingly accurate predictions.


Reporting & Analytics

Visualize your data, and act upon it in real-time, with high-performance reporting & data analytics.


Dynamic Workflows

Create and thread fully customizable high-powered business rules to dynamically replicate and automate manual workflows.


Digital Twin Technology

Translate the physical world into highly intelligent digital twins to capture, optimize, and automate business processes.

Icon Dynamic Workflows

Precision Tracking

Integrate any current or future hardware location technology to enable precision real-time tracking with up to sub-foot accuracy.

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